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1.. Interaction with 3 weightlifters who were severely assaulted by Ng.Dingkoo Singh on 13.1.2014:.
A team of Manipur State Commission for Women led by Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson visited Shija Hospital today for meeting with (i) Soibam Aranbala Devi (17) of Moreh ward no.6 (ii) Chunka Pamei (17) of Tamenglong and (iii) Puyam Yaiphabi Devi (15) of Sugnu Wakokpi after taking due permission from the Hospital authority. Chairperson, MSCW is accompanied by Smt.June Rose Vaiphei, Member, Smt.H.Piteswori Devi, Member and official staff of the MSCW. The team had an interaction with the 3 weightlifter who were severely assaulted by Shri. Ng.Dingkoo Singh on 13.1.2014 in front of other senior players and two hostel wardens and family members of Shri Dingkoo Singh. After meeting the athletes in hospital the Commission had a meeting in the office Chamber of the Chairperson and condemn the barbaric act of violence against the women weightlifter which was uncalled for and decided to take up a suo-moto case.
- 20-01-2014
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National Commission for Women, New Delhi in collaboration with Manipur State Commission for women inaugurated "North East Cell" of NSCW at Imphal on 9-1-2014 at Classic Hotel during the Chairperson's Imphal Visit under the leadership of Smt.Mamta Sharma, Hon'ble Chairperson,NCW. Smt.Laldingliani Sailo, Hon'ble Member, NCW & also the in-charge of the North East State Commission for Women. The Cell is established for the north eastern women to be able to approach directly to the NCW in more easy way through it. In the said inauguration seating all the North East States Women Commission's Chairperson were attended. On 10-1-2014 an interaction meeting of the NCW & MSCW with women & Imas(Mother) of Ima Keithel was held at Classic Hotel, Imphal. Further the team of NCW visited at Moreh Boarder Town, Manipur just adjacent to Myanmar and interected with all community women leader of Moreh in collaboration with ACODOM on 11-1-2014. On 12-1-2014 the NCW team meet Sharmila " The Iron Lady " and also visit Manipur Central Jail to meet women inmates.
- 13-01-2014
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3. 7th Foundation Day:.
On 12th December 2013, Manipur State Commission for Women observed its 7th Foundation Day at Kuranganayani Hall D.C. Complex Imphal West, Lamphelpat. The Chief Guest of the Foundation Day is M.A. Halim Choudhury Retd. IAS, Chairman, Manipur State Minorities Commission, Smt.Dr. L.Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson, Manipur State Commission for Women presided over the function. Numbering about 300 women participated. MSCW's "MSCW AT A GLANCE Vol-II" was also released by the Chief Guest on the same day.
- 12-12-2013
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4. Releasing Ceremony of “MSCW at a Glance”:.
Manipur State Commission for Women has released the annual journal “MSCW at a Glance Vol- II” held on 21-9-2013 at Kuranganayani Hall, D.C. Imphal West complex, Lamphelpat Imphal, Manipur. Km.L.Tilotama Devi, Vice Chairperson Board of Governors, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, New Delhi was the Chief Guest Dr.L.I Devi, Chairperson, Manipur State Commission for Women presided over the releasing ceremony of the Journal. Smt. Maisnam ongbi Sakhi Leima working president of All Manipur Nupi Marup, Shri K.Pradeepkumar Singh, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Imphal West, Shri A.Indrakumar Singh, Former President, All Manipur Bar Association, Shri S.Meghachandra Sharma, Member Secretary, MSCW were the Guests of Honour respectively. Numbering about 200 participants attended the releasing ceremony of the MSCW at a Glance Vol-II”.
- 21-09-2013
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5. Spot inquiry at the residence of deceased Smt.Lohiya of Tadubi Village under Senapati District.
A team led by Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson, Smt.H.Piteswori Devi, Member, Shri S.Meghachandra Sharma, Member Secretary and supporting staffs of Manipur State Commission for Women made a spot inquiry at the residence of deceased Smt.Lohiya aged 34 years W/O Pokihomao of Tadubi Village under Senapati District, Manipur on 15-6-2013 at 1:00 p.m. The said deceased Smt.Lohiya was killed by her husband with his licenced Gun according to news report The team interrected with the family members of late Lohiya and local people in order to know the real fact of killing and motive behind the said killing. Some informative clue has been collected as to the cause of death. Commission will initiate an inquiry for the said occurence in order to try to curb such offences.
- 15-06-2013
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6. Spot inquiry into the cause of death of Km.Irom Kiran Devi.
The team of Manipur State Commission for Women led by Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi,Chairperson Manipur State Commission for Women along with Smt.H.Piteswori Devi,Member ,Shri.S.Meghachandra Sharma,Member Secretary and Counsellors namely L.Somola Devi, Shri Kiran Meikam made a spot inquiry into the cause of death of Km.Irom Kiran Devi aged 27 years d/o I.Ibocha of Mayang Imphal Kokchai Awang Leikai P.S.Mayang Imphal on 11th June 2013 at 3 p.m. The team interacted with all the family members of the deceased girl including her elder sister, Ibemcha Devi,mother I.Mema Devi and President of the J.A.C. Okram Manitombi. The family members expressed that suicidal death of Km.Kiran Devi is due to the abetment by Shri.Yumnam Binoy Singh of Yumnam Huidrom Village becaused he eloped with the said girl in the morning and forcibly placed the deceased girl at her home at night about 9:00 p.m. on 8-6-2013.The pursued for arrest of the said Binoy Singh under an F.I.R. case. On seeing such situation Commission reveals to inquire into the death of the said late Kiran Devi.
- 12-06-2013
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7. Spot inquiry on 16-05-2013 into the death of Smt.Nekhohat Kilong aged about 25years of Moreh Ward No.9.
The team of Manipur State Commission for Women Lamphelpat led by Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi, Hon'ble Chairperson with Shri.S.Meghachandra Sharma, Member Secretary and staffs of the Commission made a spot inquiry on 16-05-2013 at 11:30 a.m. into the death of Smt.Nekhohat Kilong aged about 25years of Moreh Ward No.9 who was found as dead body in the morning at the place of about 2kms distance from Moreh Police Station on 7-5-2013.
In the said inquiry it is found that the husband of the deceased woman namely Shri.Bijoy a labour of the BRTF and resident of Jharkhand State has not returned to the residence of the deceased woman after the occurence till today.
The suspected husband involved in the Commission of the crime is yet to arrest in connection with the said offence.
The team interacted with all the inmates of the deceased woman including her parents. Hon'ble Chairperson appealed to all the concern authorities to nab the accused person in connection with the FIR case No. 25(5)2013 Moreh P.S U/S 302 I.P.C.
The visiting team also pursued to the O.C.Moreh Police Station to arrest the culprit at an earliest possible time in order to curb the violence against Women and also to decrease the tension in the mind of the local people.. ..
- 28-05-2013
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8. MSCW visits the residence of deceased Ph. Nina Devi.
The team of the Manipurt State Commission for Women led by its Chairperson Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi along with Shri. S.Meghachandra Sharma, Member Secretary visited the residence of the husband of the deceased person namely Phurailatpam ongbi Nina Devi aged about 48 yrs W/O Ph.Brajagopal Sharma of Bishnupur Awang Leikai P.S. Bishenpur Manipur Today the 4th may 2013 at 4:00 p.m. The team of MSCW is associated with the Secretary of the Environment & Economics Management Association, Keishampat Junction, Imphal namely Smt. S.Radhapyari Devi and Secretary of Centre for Women Development Keishampat Elangbam Leikai Smt. N.Jeevanmala Devi. Interracted with all the inmates of the husband of the deceased person including the brother in-law of the husband of the deceased namely Shri Sharat Salam. Commission will take a suo-moto case in this connections. ..
- 04-05-2013
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9. Two Days observation of International Women's Day.
Two Days observation of International Women's Day were held on 8th March-9th March,2013 at DRDA Hall, Lamphelpat organised by MSCW with Shri.Letkhogin Haokip IAS,Commissioner (Social Welfare) Manipur as Chief Guest on 8th March,2013. Chief Guest expressed valuable speech regarding improvement of the status of women in Manipur and need of the women also to give service to the family as well as to the society in a constructive way. Men also must contribute all the needy service to uplift women and to curb crime against women. On 9th March,2013 Km.L.Tilotama, Vice Chairperson Board of Governors Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan,Govt. of India,New Delhi was the Chief Guest on the closing Day of the two days observation . She expressed about economic empowerment & educational empowerment of women. Dr.L.Ibetombi Devi, Chairperson Manipur State Commission for Women presided over the functions, she expressed about the role of substance abuse in enhancing harassment of women in the family and outside.The need of the hour is to look into the situation of Sharmila,the Icon, who has been surviving in a precarious condition for the last 12 years for the cause of AFSPA. Numbering about 250 persons per day attended the programme..
- 01-04-201
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Welcome to the official website of Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW).
   Reviews the Constitutional and Legal safeguards for women.
   Recommends remedial legislative measures. Facilitates redressal of grievances.


The Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW) was constituted on 15 September 2006, as a statutory body at the state level, in pursuance of the Manipur State Commission for Women Act, 2006, to safeguard the interests of women. Its mandate is very wide covering almost all aspects of women’s development.

Dr.K.Sobita Devi
Chairperson, MSCW
The following Act of the Legislature, Manipur which received assent of the President of India on 26-6-2006 is hereby published in the Manipur Gazette.
To constitute a State Commission for Women and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Be it enacted by the Legislature of Manipur in the Fifty-seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows:-
The Act may be called the Manipur State Commission for Women Act, 2006.
It extends to the whole of the State of Manipur.
It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint.
“Commission” means the Manipur State Commission for Women constituted under section 3;" “State Government” means the Government of Manipur.
Two Days observation on International Women's Day 2012.
-- 8th March 2012
Field visit at Maukot CCPur regarding Ngaisuanching Paite murder case.
-- 23rd Feb 2012
Field visit by the Chairperson, MSCW to the death of Ms. Vasmi Khaleng
-- 13 Sept 2011
International Women Day Observation..
-- 8th March 2011
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